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Showcase your skills directly in Slack and find experts to collaborate with fast.


Xpertz allows you to showcase your skill set that you bring to your Slack workspace. View the skillset of your colleagues and as well search for people based on expertise in order to find the right person to collaborate with to solve any task. With our High-Five system colleagues can validate each others ability to assist with issues related to that skill, and will see their expertise level up based on the number of high-fives they receive from helping their colleagues. Xpertz can create valuable metrics based on these interactions to highlight highly collaborative employees who would otherwise go unnoticed when doing small things for many teams.

Company History

During the starting months of 2018 founder Brandon Best was working a coop in heart of Toronto's financial district. During that time the company was going through a progressive renaissance to update how they work, and part of that was the integration of Slack. Noticing the limitations and challenges of having thousands of people to collaborate with, but lacking a tool to provide a precise way to discern who has what skills, presented itself as a caveat to the open collaboration structure.

This resulted in the idea of Xpertz. That summer former colleague and later co-founder Illya Bakurov was brought onto the team to help bring Xpertz to fruition. It was a summer project filled with the challenges of toiling with new technologies, networking, and traversing the entrepreneurial path towards making a product they believed had real value for companies, but also where they've seen the need for it.

...To be continued.

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